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Norsk polymorøs ordbok P – R mai 6, 2007

Posted by polyamori in forhold, Kjærlighet, kjønn, Ordbok, polyamorøs teori, polyamori, polyamory, seksualitet.

Parent n 1 : one that begets or brings forth offspring : father, mother 2 : one who brings up and cares for another 3 : source, origin; parentage n; parental adj; parenthood n

Partner n 1 : short for life partner(s) gender-free, heterosexual assumption free term for someone with whom one is romantically involved with 2: spouse or SPICE 3: associate(s), colleague(s) 4: two or more persons who dance together 5 : one who plays on the same team with another 6: one of two or more persons contractually associated as joint principals in a venture; partnership n

Passion n 1 : strong feeling; also, pl : the emotions as distinguished from reason 3 : rage, anger 4 : love; also : an object of affection or enthusiasm 5 : sexual desire; passionate adj; passionately adv; passionless adj

Pattern n or vb 1 : to form according to a pattern 2 : an ideal model 3 : something used as a model for making things 4 : sample 5 : an artistic design 6 : configuration

P-cok n 1 : poly come-on king 2 : someone who is known to bestow numerous and usually clueless come ons on people, usually without provocation

Peace n 1 : a state of calm and quiet; esp : public security under law 2 : freedom from disturbing thoughts or emotions 3 : a state of concord (as between persons or governments); also : an agreement to end hostilities; peaceable adj ; peaceably adv; peaceful adj; peacefully adv

Personal n or adj 1 : of, relating to, or affecting a person : private 2 : done in person 3 : relating to the person or body 4 : relating to an individual esp. in an offensive way 5 : of or relating to temporary or movable property as distinguished from real estate 6 : denoting grammatical person 7 : a short newspaper paragraph relating to a person or group or to personal matters 8 : a short personal or private communication in the classified ads section of a newspaper

Perspective n 1 : the science of painting and drawing so that objects represented have apparent depth and distance 2 : the aspect in which a subject or its parts are mentally viewed; esp : a view of things (as objects or events) in their true relationship or relative importance

Plan n or vb 1 : a drawing or diagram showing the parts or details of something 2 : a method for accomplishing an objective; also : goal, aim; planned; planning 1 : to form a plan of 2 : intend; planner n

Play n or vb 1 : recreational activity 2 : to engage in recreation 3 : frolic 4 : the spontaneous activity of children 5 : jest 6 : to handle or behave lightly or absentmindedly 7 : to behave in a specified 8 : cooperate 9 : to deal with 10 : emphasize 11 : to perform for amusement 12 : to make a pun 13 : to take advantage 14 : to act in a dramatic medium 15 : to act in the character of 16 : wreak 17 : to contend with in a game 18 : to fill (a certain position) on a team 19 : to make wagers on 20 : wield, ply 21 : to keep in action 22 : an effort to arouse liking 23 : a stage representation of a drama 24 : a dramatic composition playful adj; playfully adv; playfulness n; player n; in play : in condition or position to be played

Plural Marriage n : a name often applied to Mormon-style polygyny, all the wives may live together or each may have her own home

Poly n or adj 1 : many or several 2 : Short for Polyamorous 3: The relationship orientation of people who love and want to be intimate with more than one person at a time 4: A relationship that is non-monogamous relationship 5: A person that is either in or at least interested in a multipartnered relationship and family

Polyactivist n : a person interested in taking action intended to counteract the political, social and religious enforcement of monogamy; Polyactivists help promote greater awareness of Polyamory as a legitimate relationship choice; polyactivism n

Polyamorous n 1 : practicing polyamory 2 : of or characterized by polyamory

Polyamorøst (subst) 1 : et som utøver polyamory 2: av eller karakterisert av polyamori

Polyamory n : is the nonpossessive, honest, responsible and ethical philosophy and practice of loving multiple people simultaneously. Polyamory emphasizes consciously choosing how many partners one wishes to be involved with rather than accepting social norms which dictate loving only one person at a time. Polyamory is an umbrella term which integrates traditional multipartner relationship terms with more evolved egalitarian terms. Polyamory embraces sexual equality and all sexual orientations towards an expanded circle of spousal intimacy and love. Polyamory is from the root words Poly meaning many and Amour meaning love hence «many loves» or Polyamory

Polyandrous n 1 : practicing polyandry 2 : of, engaging in or characterized by polyandry

Polyandry 1 : the state or practice of having two or more husbands at the same time 2 : the mating of one female animal with more that one male; polyandric adj; polyandrist n

Polyandri 1: tilstanden eller utøvelsen av å ha to eller flere ektemenn samtidig 2 : parringen av et kvinnelig dyr med mer enn en mannlig; polyandrisk adj; polyandrist 3 : i Mahabaharata, indisk epos er Draupadi gift med fem bødre.

PolyChildhood n 1 : the state of being a child in a multiple partnered relationship 2 : from infancy to puberty 3 : an early stage or development within a multiple partnered relationship

PolyChild n -ren pl 1 : a girl or boy in the period before puberty from a polyamrous marriage or relationship 2 : an infant; baby of polyamorous union

Polyerocist n : a person who practices or prefers sex with multiple partners

Polyerotiker : en person som utfører eller foretrekker sex med flere partnere

Polyeros n : a lifestyle or relationship in which sexual partners agree that they may take additional sexual partners

PolyFamily n 1 : all the people living in or sharing life experences in the same home or household 2 : a social unit consisting of multiple adult models 3 : when polychildren are present the term includes others adults, besides blood or birth parents, who are responsibly involved with the polychild or polychildren, most adult take an active role in polychild rearing 4 : a group of people related by common commune, tribe, clan, lineage, ancestry, relatives, commitment or marriage 5 : a sharing of living expenses and property

PolyFriend n 1 : a person whom one knows well and is fond of polyamorous people 2 : intimate associate or close acquaintance of a person of an polyamorous orientation

Polyfriendly n 1 : an ally of people of a polyamorous orientation 2 : amicable 3 : supporting, helping or favorable 4 : showing friendly feelings polyamorous people or unions 5 : ready to be a friends to polyamorous people or unions

Polyfi Fundamentalist n : Closely related to the One True Way Polyamorist [See One True Way Polyamorist], differing only in the fact that they believe polyfidelity is paramount to all of the other Poly-style relationships. Will politely tell you how immoral you are if you are not Polyfidelitous. Though, some will vehemently call you a swinger or wannabe if you argue with them.

Polyfidelitous adj 1 : practicing polyfidelity 2 : of, engaging in or characterized by polyfidelity

Flertrofasthet adj : en trofasthet mot flere, ikke begrenset til en person 2:

Polyfidelity n : a group in which all partners are primary to all other partners and sexual fidelity is to the group; shared intent of a lifelong run together. More primary partners can be added with everyone’s consent. The term was coined by the Kerista commune

Polyfidelity, fler-trofasthet, en gruppe hvor alle partnere er primære til alle andre partnere og seksuell trofasthet er til gruppen; delt intensjon om å holde sammen et livsløp. Flere primærpartnere kan legges til med alles aksept. Utrykket kom opprinnelig fra Kerista bofelleskapet.

Polygamous adj 1 : practicing polygamy 2 : of, engaging in or characterized by polygamy

Polygamy n : the practice of having more than one wife or husband at one time; polygamist n; polygamous adj

Polygami betyr å være gift med flere.

Polygynous adj 1 : practicing polygyny 2 : of, engaging in or characterized by polygyny

Polygyny n 1 : the state or practice of having two or more wives at the same time 2 : the mating of a male animal with more than one female

Polygyni, når en mann er gift med flere kvinner, 2 : når et mannlig dyr parrer seg med mer enn et kvinnelig

PolyLove n 1 : strong affection or attraction to more than one person 2 : the strong belief that human beings are capable of having love and affection for more than one person at a time 3 : warm attachment and joyful feeling in presence of your beloveds 4 : attraction based on sexual desire multiple partners 5 : intimate fantasies and dreams about multiple partners 6 : beloved people 7 : unselfish loyalty, benevolence and concern for others 8 : to feel a passion, devotion, or tenderness for multiple partners or loveones 9 : to take pleasure in being with many

PolyLover n : a person of polyamorous orientation with whom you have an intimate relationship

PolyMarriage n 1 : the state of being committed in multiple partnered relationship 2 : a multiple partnered relationship where commitment ritual was performed 3 : any close or intimate multi partnered union of duration

PolyPartner n : a person of polyamorous orientation that you are intimately involved

PolyRelationship n : a multiple partnered polyamorous relationship

Poly Mantra n or v: communicate, communicate, communicate and then communicate some more

Poly mantra : kommunikasjon, kommunikasjon, kommunikasjon og så enda litt … kommunikasjon!

Positive n or adj 1 : expressed definitely 2 : confident, certain 3 : the positive degree or a posive form in a language 4 : of, relating to, or constituting the degree of grammatical comparison that denotes no increase in quality, quantity, or relation 5 : not fictitious : real 6 : active and effective in function 7 : numerically greater than zero 8 : affirmative; positively adv; positiveness n

Power n or vb 1 : the ability to act or produce an effect 2 : a position of ascendancy over others 3 : authority 4 : one that has control or authority 5 : physical might 6 : mental or moral 7 : force or energy used to do work 8 : the time rate at which work is done or energy transferred 9 : magnification 10 : to supply with power and esp. motive power; powerful adj; powerfully adv; powerless adj

Primary adj 1: first in order of time or development 2 : preparatory 3: of first rank or importance 4 : fundamental 5 : not derived from or dependent on something else

Primary Partner n : a person of polyamorous orientation that is intimately involved in your life on day to day basis, the person provide emotional and economic support, there is mutual sharing of resources, goal and life paths

Primary Relationship n 1 : the closest relationship type, the person(s) given the most time, energy and priority in a person’s life; includes high level of intimacy, attraction and commitment as demonstrated by marriage-level bonding (such as shared life paths, goals, parenting, economics, housing, important values, ongoing emotional support, etc.), typically includes a desire for a shared lifelong future together

Principle n 1 : a general or fundamental law, doctrine, or assumption 2 : a rule or code of conduct; also : devotion to such a code 3 : the laws or facts of nature underlying the working of an artificial device 4 : a primary source : origin; also : an underlying faculty or endowment 5 : the active part

Problem n 1 : a question raised for consideration or solution 2 : an intricate unsettled question 3 : a source of perplexity or vexation; problem adj

Process n or vb, pl processes 1 : progress, advance 2 : something going on : proceeding 3 : a natural phenomenon marked by gradual changes that lead toward a particular result 4 : a series of actions or operations directed toward a particular result 5 : legal action 6 : a mandate issued by a court; esp : summons 7 : a projecting part of an organism or organic structure 10 : to subject to a special process

Protest n or vb 1 : the act of protesting; esp : an organized public demonstration of disapproval 2 : a complaint or objection against an idea, an act, or a course of action 4 : to assert positively : make solemn declaration of 5 : to object strongly 6 : make a protest against protestation; n protester or protestor n

Psychology n, pl -gies 1 : the science of mind and behavior 2 : the mental and behavioral characteristics of an individual or group; psychological adj; psychologically adv; psychologist n

Purpose n 1 : an object or result aimed at : intention 2 : resolution, determination; purposeful adj; purposefully adv; purposeless adj; purposely adv purposed; purposing : to propose as an aim to oneself

Quad n : a multiple partnered relationship with four members

Kvad (subst) : et flerpartner forhold som inkluderer 4 medlemmer

Queen n 1 : slang for drag queen 2 : an effeminate person

Queer n or adj 1: A homosexual or lesbian person 2 : Unconventional, uncommon, unusual, unique, unorthodox, uncustomary, unwanted, rare, atypical, original, singular, exceptional, individual, unexampled, unparalleled, unprecedented, unfamiliar, uncomfortable; odd, curious, peculiar, offbeat, cranky; incongruous, anomalous, irregular, abnormal, deviate, deviant 3 : Infers funny

Queer Friendly n 1 : an ally of people of a homosexual orientation 2 : amicable 3 : supporting, helping or favorable 4 : showing friendly feelings toward homosexual people or unions 5 : ready to be a friend to homosexual people or unions

Question n or vb 1 : an interrogative expression : query 2 : to ask questions 3 : a subject for debate; also : a proposition to be voted on 4 : doubt, dispute 5 : to subject to analysis : examine syn interrogate, quiz, query 6 : inquiry; questioner n

Rebuild vb 1 : repair, reconstruct; also : remodel 2 : to build again; rebuilding vb; rebuilt vb

Reflect vb 1 : to bend or cast back (as light, heat, or sound) 2 : to give back a likeness or image of as a mirror does 3 : to bring as a result 4 : to cast reproach or blame 5 : ponder, meditate; reflection n; reflective adj; reflectivity n

Refuse n or vb refused; refusing 1 : to decline to accept : reject 2 : to decline to do, give, or grant 3 : rejected or worthless matter : rubbish, trash : deny refusal n

Relationship n : the state of being related or interrelated

Forhold : tilstanden å ha eller å være i et forhold

Relationship Orientation n 1: the perference for sexual relationships or lovestyles which are monogamous, nonmonogamous, intimate network, Polyfidelitous, etc. 2: the design or structure of a sexualove relationship. Like the term lifestyle, it implies a conscious choice syn. Lovestyle

Remarriage n : the state of being or getting married again

Renewal n 1 : the act of renewing : the state of being renewed 2 : something renewed

Rescue vb rescued; rescuing : to free from danger, harm, or confinement; rescue n; rescuer n

Resent vb : to feel or exhibit annoyance or indignation at; resentful adj; resentfully adv; resentment n

Resignation n 1 : an act or instance of resigning; also : a formal notification of such an act 2 : the quality or state of being resigned

Resolution n 1 : the act or process of resolving 2 : the action of solving; also : solution 3 : the quality of being resolute : firmness, determination 4 : a formal statement expressing the opinion, will, or intent of a body of persons

Respect n or vb 1 : to consider deserving of high regard : esteem 2 : to refrain from interfering 3 : relation to something usu. specified : regard 4 : high or special regard : esteem 5 pl : an expression of respect or deference 6 : detail, particular; respectful adj; respectfully adv; respectfulness n

Responsibility n, pl -ties 1 : the quality or state of being responsible 2 : something for which one is responsible

Ritual n or adj 1 : the established form esp. for a religious ceremony 2 : a system of rites 3 : a ceremonial act or action 4 : a customarily repeated act or series of acts; ritualism n; ritualistic adj; ritualistically adv; ritually adv

Role n 1 : an assigned or assumed character; also : a part played (as by an actor) 2 : function

Rolle (subst) 1 : en gitt eller antatt karakter, og så en rolle spilt (som av en skuespiller) 2 : funksjon

Romance n, vb or adj 1 : to exaggerate or invent detail or incident 2 : to have romantic fancies 3 : to carry on a romantic episode with 4 : a medieval tale of knightly adventure 5 : a prose narrative dealing with heroic or mysterious events set in a remote time or place 6 : a love story 7 : of or relating to any of several languages developed from Latin 8 : a romantic attachment or episode between lovers romancer n; romanced vb; romancing vb

Romantic n or adj : a romantic person; esp : a romantic writer, composer, or artist 2 : imaginary 3 : visionary 4 : having an imaginative or emotional appeal 5 : of, relating to, or having the characteristics of romanticism romantically adv