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Norsk polyamorøs ordbok G – O mai 5, 2007

Posted by polyamori in forhold, Glimt fra livet, Kjærlighet, kjønn, Ordbok, polyamorøs teori, polyamori, polyamory.

Gay n : A person that is attracted sexually and emotionally to a person of the same sex, syn. homosexual, lesbian

Generous adj 1 : free in giving or sharing 2 : high-minded, noble 3 : abundant, ample, copious syn. liberal, bountiful, munificent, openhanded; generosity n; generously adv; generousness n

Gentle vb or adj gentler; gentlest 1 : belonging to a family of high social station 2 : of, relating to, or characteristic of a gentleman 3 : kind, amiable 4 : tractable, docile 5 : not harsh, stern, or violent 6 : soft, delicate 7 : moderate; gentleness n; gently adv; gentled; gentling 1 : to make or become mild, docile, soft, or moderate 2 : mollify, placate

Grandfather n 1: a person became your lover before you entered your current primary relationship

Gratitude n : thankfulness

Grex n : a synergistic group of highly interdependent individuals whose functioning is enhanced by their association

Group Marriage n : a marriage involving more than two people

Gruppe ekteskap : ekteskap som inneholder mer enn to mennesker.

Group Partner n : a person of group marriage or relationship

Gruppe partner : en person i et gruppe ekteskap eller forhold

Group Relationship n : a committed, loving relationship involving multiple partners

Gruppe forhold : en dedikert, romantisk kjærlighetsforhold som inkluderer flere partnere.

Guidance n 1 : the act or process of guiding 2 : advice, direction

Habit n 1 : dress, garb 2 : bearing, conduct 3 : physique 4 : mental makeup 5 : a usual manner of behavior : custom 6 : a behavior pattern acquired by frequent repetition 7 : addiction 8 : mode of growth or occurrence

Happiness n 1 : a state of well-being and contentment; also : a pleasurable satisfaction 2 : aptness

Hardship n 1 : suffering, privation 2 : something that causes suffering or privation

Harmony n, pl -nies 1 : musical agreement of sounds; esp : the combination of tones into chords and progressions of chords 2 : a pleasing arrangement of parts; also : accord 3 : internal calm

Health n 1 : sound physical or mental condition; also : overall condition of the body 2 : well-being 3 : a toast to someone’s health or prosperity

Healthy adj healthier; -est 1 : enjoying or typical of good health : well 2 : evincing or conducive to health 3 : prosperous; also : considerable; healthily adv; healthiness n

Heart n 1 : a hollow muscular organ that by rhythmic contraction keeps up the circulation of the blood in the body; also : something resembling a heart in shape 2 : any of a suit of playing cards marked with a red figure of a heart; also, pl : a card game in which the object is to avoid taking tricks containing hearts 3 : the whole personality; also : the emotional or moral as distinguished from the intellectual nature 4 : courage 5 : one’s innermost being 6 : center; also : the essential part hearted adj; by heart : by rote or from memory

Hermaphrodite n : a person or animal with the sexual organs of both the male and the female also see Intersexual n

Hermafroditt : en person eller et dyr med både mannlige og kvinnelige kjønnsorganer, se også interseksuell.

Hinge n or adj: Refers to Vee’s, or similar dynamics in a more complex relationship, the «person in the middle», more bonded to each end than they are to each other, is sometimes called the hinge. Without the hinge, the others people often go their separate ways.

Hippie Hefner n : a male that is a charming mid-life hippie who attempts to create [though may already have done so] a flock of buxom women

Home n or vb 1 : a person’s residence; also : house 2 : the social unit formed by a family living together 3 : a congenial environment; also : habitat 4 : a place of origin 5 : the objective in various games 6 : to go or return home 7 : to proceed to or toward a source of radiated energy used as a guide homed; homing

Homo n : Slang for homosexual or lesbian person

Homosexual adj : of, relating to, or marked by sexual interest in the same sex as oneself; also : of, relating to, or involving sexual intercourse between members of the same sex; homosexual n; homosexuality n

Humankind n : nonsexest term for humanity

Hot Bi Babe [HBB] n : mythical creature [female] that some couples search for as for the Holy Grail.

Hot Bi babe [HBB] : mytiske vesen [kvinnelig] som noen par søker etter som om det var den hellige gral.

Humor n or vb 1 : temperament 2 : mood 3 : whim 4 : a quality that appeals to a sense of the ludicrous or incongruous; also : a keen perception of the ludicrous or incongruous 5 : comical or amusing entertainment 6 : to comply with the wishes or mood of; humorist n; humorless; adj; humorlessly adv; humorlessness n; humorous adj; humorously adv; humorousness n

Husband n : a male partner in a marriage or committed relationship

Ektemann : en mannlig partner i et ekteskap eller forpliktende forhold

In search of Hot Bi Babe [ISO HBB] n : a couple that is only looking for the elusive HBB. Won’t talk to anyone else. Not interested in anything else.

Inclusive Relationship n : a relationship in which all partners agree to include more lovers into their relationship

Inklusive forhold (subst) : et forhold hvor alle partnere er enige i å inkludere flere elsker inn i sitt forhold

Infatuate vb -ated; -ating : to inspire with a foolish or extravagant love or admiration; infatuation n

Infidelity n, pl -ties 1 : unfaithfulness, disloyalty 2 : marital or realationship unfaithfulness or an instance of it

Information n 1 : the communication or reception of knowledge or intelligence 2 : knowledge obtained from investigation, study, or instruction : facts, data; informational adj

Initiative n 1 : an introductory step 2 : self-reliant enterprise 3 : a process by which laws or rules may be introduced or enacted directly by vote of the people

Integrity n 1 : adherence to a code of values : incorruptibility 2 : soundness 3 : completeness

Intentional Family n : a relationship in which three or more partners consciously chose each other as family, partners may or may not live together, there is the potential for all family members to be sexual with each other if they mutually chose to do so but this is not a requirement for family membership, syn expanded family

Interaction n : mutual or reciprocal action or influence; interact vb

Intersexual n : evolved term for hermaphroditism; intersexuality n; intersexed n

Interseksuelt : en utviklet terminologi for hermafordittisme; interseksualitet; interkjønnet, tvekjønnet

Interest n or vb 1: curiosity, concern 2 : a charge for borrowed money that is generally a percentage of the amount borrowed; also : the return received by capital on its investment 3 : a quality in a thing that arouses interest 4 : welfare, benefit; also : self-interest 5 : readiness to be concerned with or moved by an object or class or objects 6 : right, title, or legal share in something 7 : to persuade to participate or engage 8 : to comply with the wishes or mood of object or class of objects 9 : to engage the attention of

Intimate n, vb or adj 1 : an intimate friend, associate, or confidant 2 : intrinsic; also : innermost 3 : marked by very close association, contact, or familiarity 4 : marked by a warm friendship 5 : suggesting informal warmth or privacy 6 : of a very personal or private nature-mated; -mating 7 : announce, notify 8 : to communicate indirectly : hint; intimation n; intimacy n; intimately adv

Intimate Network n : individuals who desire friendship and perhaps sex with their lover’s and other friend’s, forming a web of varying connections within a social circle

Intimate Partner n : a gender-free, hetrosexual free term that define a person that another person is involved with their is a presumption of a romantic or sexual connection

Intimate Relationship n : a gender-free, hetrosexual free relationship term that assumes romantic or sexual connection

Intimt forhold : et kjønnsuavhengig utrykk for et forhold som er romantisk og/ eller seksuelt

Jealousy n or adj 1 : the opposite of compersion 2 : negative, angry feelings that a group or an individual can prevoke in another group or individual 3 : demanding complete devotion 4 : suspicious of a rival or of one believed to enjoy an advantage 5 : vigilant; jealously; jealous adj

Judgment or Judgement n 1 : the process of forming an opinion by discerning and comparing 2 : the capacity for judging : discernment 3 : a decision or opinion given after judging; esp : a formal decision given by a court 4 cap : the final judging of mankind by the Christian God

Knowledge n 1 : understanding gained by actual experience 2 : range of information 3 : clear perception of truth 4 : something learned and kept in the mind

Language n 1 : the words, their pronunciation, and the methods of combining them used and understood by a community 2 : form or style of verbal expression 3 : a system of signs and symbols and rules for using them that is used to carry information

Learning n : knowledge, erudition

Lesbian n or adj, often cap : a female homosexual; lesbianism n

Lesbisk : en kvinnelig homofil

Limit n or vb 1 : something that restrains or confines; also : the utmost extent 2 : boundary; also, pl : bounds 3 : a prescribed maximum or minimum 4 : to set limits to 5: to reduce in quantity or extent; limitation n; limitless adj; limitlessness n

Line Marriage n : a term from the works of Robert A. Heinlein, science fiction writer, meaning a marriage that from time to time adds younger members, eventually establishing an equilibrium population, spouses dying off at the same rate as new ones are added, this is a different form of familial immortality than the traditional one of successive generations of children

Listen vb 1 : to pay attention in order to hear 2 : heed; listener n

Lytte (verb) : å være oppmerksom i den hensikt å høre: 2 ta i akt; lytter (subst)

Living n or adj 1 : the condition of being alive 2 : livelihood 3 : manner of life 4 : having life 5 : natural 6 : full of life and vigor; also : vivid

Lonely adj lonelier; -est 1 : being without company 2 : unfrequented 3 : lonesome; loneliness n

Loss n 1 : ruin 2 : the harm resulting from losing 3 : something that is lost 4 pl : killed, wounded, or captured soldiers 5 : failure to win 6 : an amount by which the cost exceeds the selling price 7 : decrease in amount or degree

Love n 1 : strong affection 2 : warm attachment 3 : attraction based on sexual desire 4 : a beloved person or persons 5 : unselfish loyal and benevolent concern for others 6 : cherish 7 : to feel a passion, devotion, or tenderness for 8 : caress 9 : to take pleasure in; loveless adj; loved adj; loving adj; lovable adj; lover n

Lovestyle n : the design or structure of a sexualove relationship, like the term lifestyle, it implies a conscious choice syn. Relationship Orientation

Man n or vb, pl men 1 : a human being; esp : an adult male 2 : the human race : mankind 3 : one possessing in high degree the qualities considered distinctive of manhood; manned; manning 1 : to supply with men 2 : fortify, brace

Marital adj : of or relating to marriage : conjugal syn matrimonial, connubial, nuptial

Marriage n 1 : the state of being married 2 : a wedding ceremony and attendant festivities 3 : a close union; marriageable adj

Mastery n 1 : dominion; also : superiority 2 : possession or display of great skill or knowledge

Matrimony : marriage; matrimonial adj; matrimonially adv

Mixed Relationships n 1 : relationships that have heterosexual and homosexual members 2 : relationships that have people from different races and cultures

Blandete forhold: forhold som inkluderer både heteroseksuelle og homoseksuelle medlemer 2 : forhold som har medllemmer fra foskjellige raser og kulturer.

Money n, pl moneys or monies 1 : something (as metal currency) accepted as a medium of exchange 2 : wealth reckoned in monetary terms

Monogamy n 1 : the practice of marrying only once 2 : being married to only one person at a time 3 : a marriage in which tow partners agree not to have sex or erotic love with anyone else 4 : a lovestye for two players; monogamist n; monogamous adj

Monosexual n 1 : having sexual desire for only one gender. Can be either heterosexual or homosexual. Not bisexual n or adj 1 : possessing characters of or having sexual desire for both sexes 2 : of, relating to, or involving both sexes; bisexual n; bisexuality n

Monoseksuell (verb) 1 : ha seksuel lyst for bare et kjønn. Kan være enten heteroseksuell eller homoseksuell. Det motsatte av biseksuell.

Morality n, pl -ties : moral conduct : virtue

Mother n or vb 1 : a female parent 2 : source, origin vb 3 : to give birth to; also : produce 4 : to care for or protect like a mother; motherhood n; motherless adj; motherliness n; motherly adj

Multipartner Relationship n : any nonmonogamous Relationship

Multipartner forhold : et hvert ikke-monogamt forhold

Multiple adj 1 : more than one; also : many 2 : various

Multiple Partner n : more than one partner

Flere partnere : mer enn en partner

Multiple Relationship n : more than one relationship

Needs adv : of necessity : necessarily

Neglect n or vb 1 : disregard 2 : to leave undone or unattended to esp. through carelessness syn omit, ignore, over-look, slight, forget, miss 3 : an act or instance of neglecting something 4 : the condition of being neglected neglectful adj

Negotiate vb -ated; -ating 1 : to confer with another so as to arrive at the settlement of some matter; also : to arrange for or bring about by such conferences 2 : to transfer to another by delivery or endorsement in return for equivalent value 3 : to get through, around, or over successfully; negotiable adj; negotiation n; negotiator n

Newsletter n : a small newspaper containing news or information of interest chiefly to a special group

New Paradigm Relating n : a philosophy of relationship which emphasizes using the relationship to consciously enhance the psychological and spiritual development of the partners. New paradigm relating is characterized by responding authentically in the present moment, honoring individual autonomy, equality, total honesty and self responsibility.

New Relationship Energy n or adj: energy that flows between partners in a «new» relationship, the excitement and discovery that occurs during this time as opposed to old relationship energy that is part of a more settled, stable, comfortable time in the relationship

Nonmonogamy n : a relationship which allows for more that one sexual relationship at a time

Ikkemonogami : et forhold som tillater mer en et seksuelt forhold samtidig

Not-so-hot Bi Babe [NSHBB] n : unfortunately non-mythical annoying rookie who «Just doesn’t get it» and would be more happier swinging.

Notice n or vb 1 : warning, announcement 2 : notification of the termination of an agreement or contract at a specified time 3 : attention, heed 4 : a written or printed announcement 5 : a short critical account or examination (as of a play) : review 6 : to make mention of : remark on : note 7 : to take notice of : observe, mark; noticed; noticing

Nurture n or vb 1 : to care for : feed, nourish 2 : educate, train 3 : foster 4 : training, upbringing; also : the influences that modify the expression of an individual’s heredity 5 : food, nourishment; nurtured; nurturing

Odd-One-Out Syndrome n or adj : an intimate situation where one person feels left out, usually because there is an odd number or members

Old Greaser n : a male who, at least once an hour, tries to have sex with anything female, regardless of appropriateness.

Gammel gris : en mann som, minst en gang i timen, prøver å knulle hva som helst kvinnelig, uansett om det er interresse eller om det passer

Old Paradigm Relating n or adj : a philosophy of relationship which emphasizes well defined rules, extensive agreements, ironclad conditions and the importance of the group over the individual, usually involves a hierarchical power structure

One True Way Polyamorist n : Often times the Bright-eyed Novice [See Bright-eyed Novice] will morph into The One True Way Polyamorist after several months. This person has read everything they can find and will tell you exactly how Polyamory works, and what you must do. They will tell you that you are immoral or dishonorable if you disagree with them.

Open adj or vb 1 : not shut or shut up 2 : not secret or hidden; also : frank 3 : not enclosed or covered ; also : not protected 4 : free to be entered or used 5 : easy to get through or see 6 : spread out : extended 7 : not decided 8 : readily accessible and cooperative; also : generous 9 : having components separated by a space in writing and printing 10 : having openings, interruptions, or spaces 11 : ready to operate 12 : free from restraints or controls; 13 : to change or move from a shut position; also : to make open by clearing away obstacles 14 : to make accessible 15 : to make openings in 16 : to make or become functional 17 : reveal; also : enlighten 18 : begin; 19 : outdoors opener n; openly adv; openness n; opened; opening

Open Marriage n : Includes one primary spouse bond and other secondary or tertiary lover’s depending on availability and circumstance

Åpent ekteskap (subst) : Inkluderer en primær ektefelle og en annen sekundær eller tertiær elsker avhengig av tilgjengelighet og omstendigheter

Open Group Marriage n 1: A group of individuals who describe themselves as married, but may or may not be all primaries and who are open to outside sexual relationships

Open Relationship n : an agreement among the members in which the partners decide that they can have sexual relations outside of the relationship. Partner have agreed that they can have sexual relations independently of each other

Opinion n 1 : a belief stronger than impression and less strong than positive knowledge 2 : judgment 3 : a formal statement by an expert after careful study

Opposite adj, adv or prep 1 : set over against something that is at the other end or side 2 : opposed, hostile; also : contrary 3 : contrarily turned or moving; 4 : on or to an opposite side 5 : across from and usu. facing; oppositely adv; oppositeness n



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